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Sama’ Samoa

Pregnancy is a desperate time for a foodie. When you’re gluten free and your options are limited, sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to satisfy the intensity of your cravings with make-shift feel-goods.

Girl Scout Cookie season, for example… being a former Girl Scout myself, I have a soft spot for my particular favorite: The Samoa. God DAMN, I love Samoas… through all of the years that I have been gluten free, the lack of Samoas in my life has never become less difficult. Though, Girl Scout cookie season became less dim the year that they introduced their gluten free toffee cookie. I at least felt involved again.

Unfortunately, in the past few years, there is no gluten free AND vegan cookie offered, though there is options for either or. Which is nice. For others. Not for me.

But back to the point: The Samoa. The only girl scout cookie whose flavor miraculously develops on my tongue out of fucking no where and claws its way under my skin, begging to be inside of me. Graphic, I know… but I’m just here to speak the truth, not to be polite.

My sweet husband picked up 4 boxes of the toffee Girl Scout cookies for me, and I will forever love him for his kindness and the way he attempts to balance my love for Samoas with an overabundance of toffee. But in his kindness, he made the kind of mistake that he never would have seen coming; he bought himself a box of Samoas.. and he left them in the house with me.

In a fit of pregnancy rage induced desperation, I ate one. No, that’s not true. I ate two. Maybe three. I can’t remember at this point, I just remember that they were fucking good and worth every bite… for a moment. The next week was brutal. If I thought gluten intolerance was brutal before, I had no idea how intense it would be with a human incubating inside of you. What a terrible, terrible week that was. Hades himself brewed within me.

But the light at the end of such an exceptionally grim tunnel (overdramatic? maybe.) is that after I confessed to my husband and asked him to never bring a box of Samoas into a pregnant Sam’s home ever again, I found this recipe for a plant-based version.

Eating Bird Food created the perfect Samoa recipe, and I will forever be grateful. And when little Sabrina is born and I tell her the tale of how this Bird Food website, 4 ingredients, and a food processor that I hadn’t used in months altered the course of her existence by turning her living quarters from a puddle of sorrow to a beacon of hope, and how just one batch of cookies has re-inspired both my love for plant-based cooking and my love for online blogging, she’s going to know for damn certain just where her flair for the dramatics stems from.

Sabrina, you’re going to think I’m so extra. But you’ll be extra too. And together we’ll be too much.


The Vegan Mac & Cheese Snackdown

I went up to Baltimore for the Vegan Mac & Cheese Smackdown, and it was baaaaad ass. Rows upon rows of different takes on that ooey gooey goodness. I did not expect that many people! And being gluten-free, I didn’t expect as many options as I had, or for them to be soooo flipping delicious.

I went with conventional eaters (Non-Vegan/Non-GF) and they still moaned while tasting a good portion of them. At one point, my boyfriend said, “I’m pretty sure that was the best Mac & Cheese I’ve had, ever.” (I couldn’t try that one, but the maker won in a few of the categories)

If you missed it this year, you’ve gotta check it next year. Totally worth the drive.


The Smooth’ Surprise

I have had the kind of morning that has made me feel slightly crazy, to say the least. My patience was run dry prior to noon, and I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything even though I had been in ‘Go! Go! Go!’ mode, and my office began to feel more like a prison cube than it did a workspace.

And then, I look up from my desk, and there he is… standing in the doorway with his sunglasses on, with his hands full of roses and my favorite Cinnamon Toast Crunch smoothie… it took me a few moments to process what was happening.

It’s things like this… because he didn’t have to. We already made plans for Friday because our schedules didn’t mesh today. But no… he not only brought ‘The Day of Love’ to me at my business, but he also brought some peace back into a day that had already taken a deep-sea dive into a dried up pile of poop.

Perhaps it’s just the pulsating wounds of love come to pass, or maybe it’s that whole strange bitterness that adults build up over Valentine’s Day in order to protect ourselves from disappointment or feeling lonely when we’re alone, but this meant so much to me. I must have done something right to deserve such an incredible person in my corner who cares about me the way he does, and I’m not going to take this lightly.

If you need me, I’ll be on Cloud 9 for the rest of forever. 👋🏽


“Hot Dog” Sundae

Tonight, with my current flare-up, I needed something fermented, so I mixed sauerkraut with some bbq sauce and found inspiration to make a vegan “hot dog” bowl. This picture was taken before I added “queso” (which really tied it together) and after I already killed my green beans waiting for the carrots to roast. Not bad. 👌🏾