Stories of all shapes, sizes, and genres are incredibly important to me, as well as the characters that are closest to me in my own nonfictional story. It’s always been this way, and at this point in my life, I imagine that it always will be.

The number one will always be television for me. I know, “it rots your brain”, but I can just never seem to get enough. I believe it stems from childhood, where I learned more good-hearted life lessons through the box in my living room than I did from my primary care givers. Full House… Family Matters… 7th Heaven… I truly believe that it was shows like these (where the yelling was minimal and the love was fucking deafening) that influenced the person that I became, and that showed me who I wanted to be. This also probably lead to my steady decline into childhood depression, when I realized that this was not the life that I had, and that most people don’t experience the drama that I had become fairly used to at that point in time.

But then, there were the other stories: Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Ahhh Real Monsters… the shows that led me to other gems such as Big Wolf on Campus, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, So Weird, Angela Anaconda…

And so I was led to who I was from a television: A fun loving girl with a heart full of fantasy and horror, and a mixture of genres that don’t involve nonfictional violence.

I love so many shows. All of those dramedy, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery series starring beautiful and real individuals/ensembles doing amazing/boring things in a certain part of the world or elsewhere.

I have an ongoing collection of stories that I not only watch, but that I carry with me as though they were my own life altering events. And part of why I’m here, on the interwebs, is to obsess over that.