Tiny human Bear child

This may not be my typical post showcasing delicious plant-based goodness, but it was necessary.

I believe that I may have taken part in creating the sweetest child on the god damn planet.

I also had no idea that I was marrying Santa until after I’d already committed. Well, I wasn’t officially to-the-government-official, but like, in my heart official. It’s a lot to process, but I’m starting to get into the Spirit, as you can see by my little tiny wreath. But don’t worry, child. You’ll be ready for Yulemas next year.


The Vegan Mac & Cheese Snackdown

I went up to Baltimore for the Vegan Mac & Cheese Smackdown, and it was baaaaad ass. Rows upon rows of different takes on that ooey gooey goodness. I did not expect that many people! And being gluten-free, I didn’t expect as many options as I had, or for them to be soooo flipping delicious.

I went with conventional eaters (Non-Vegan/Non-GF) and they still moaned while tasting a good portion of them. At one point, my boyfriend said, “I’m pretty sure that was the best Mac & Cheese I’ve had, ever.” (I couldn’t try that one, but the maker won in a few of the categories)

If you missed it this year, you’ve gotta check it next year. Totally worth the drive.