Samantha shares a home with her gorgeous husband, their sons, and five dogs in Virginia Beach. She is younger at heart than on paper and while she is almost constantly battling a war within her own body or her own mind, she also always manages to find her balance. 

Palooza is defined as “an exaggerated event”. It is also the suffix of some pretty righteous parties. In that sense, Samapalooza has been the perfect word to describe the creator of this blog, and has been since she used the name on her god-forsaken MySpace profile back in 2006.

Being a fan of plant-based foods, pop culture, witchcraft, merchandise, artistic technology, and an array of things described as “strange” and “geeky”, this blog should be a fucking chronicle of exaggerated righteousness. It will evolve and devolve as I see fit, and it is more about me than it is about you. Thanks for checking it out.