The Smooth’ Surprise

I have had the kind of morning that has made me feel slightly crazy, to say the least. My patience was run dry prior to noon, and I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything even though I had been in ‘Go! Go! Go!’ mode, and my office began to feel more like a prison cube than it did a workspace.

And then, I look up from my desk, and there he is… standing in the doorway with his sunglasses on, with his hands full of roses and my favorite Cinnamon Toast Crunch smoothie… it took me a few moments to process what was happening.

It’s things like this… because he didn’t have to. We already made plans for Friday because our schedules didn’t mesh today. But no… he not only brought ‘The Day of Love’ to me at my business, but he also brought some peace back into a day that had already taken a deep-sea dive into a dried up pile of poop.

Perhaps it’s just the pulsating wounds of love come to pass, or maybe it’s that whole strange bitterness that adults build up over Valentine’s Day in order to protect ourselves from disappointment or feeling lonely when we’re alone, but this meant so much to me. I must have done something right to deserve such an incredible person in my corner who cares about me the way he does, and I’m not going to take this lightly.

If you need me, I’ll be on Cloud 9 for the rest of forever. 👋🏽

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